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   April 2019   
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New Hope Wedding Policy______________________________


Who is eligible to be married in New Hope Church?

The policy of New Hope Church is that church members and their families are eligible.  Our belief is that a church wedding is a Christian worship service and that New Hope Church is not a secular wedding chapel.



Wedding arrangements to reserve the use of the church must be made through the church office with the pastor’s approval at least 3 months prior to the date of ceremony.  A reservation and damage deposit of $100 must be paid at that time.   Due to the work load during certain seasons no weddings will be scheduled the weekend of Easter or the week of Christmas.


If you wish to have an invitation placed in the church newsletter, it is your responsibility to notify the church secretary in writing, at least one month (30 days) prior to the deadline of the newsletter for the month of the wedding date.  If another United Methodist pastor is desired to help perform the ceremony, please consult with the pastor of New Hope Church so that he/she can invite the guest pastor.  Non United Methodist pastors are permitted to share ceremony responsibilities only with the New Hope pastor present.



Active members and active constituents are charged no fees for the building but there is a wedding fee of $600 which includes the following:

            Accompanist - $100

            Pastor - $150

            Sound Technician - $100

            Wedding Coordinator - $100

            Custodian - $150


Reception Fees

            Reception of 100 or less - $150

            Reception of 100 or more - $250


The reception fee covers set-up and cleaning, the use of a punch bowl, plates, cups, silverware, serving pieces and skirting for serving tables.

*Fees are to be paid at least 30 days before wedding.


For weddings held after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday’s an additional $50 fee will be charged for the wedding and another $50 for the reception.


The custodian and coordinator will need to know some information about your wedding such as:

  1. Will there be a Guest Book Stand and where do you want it?
  2. Do you want a gift table set up and where do you want it?
  3. If you are having a reception, how many tables and chairs do you want set up and how do you want them arranged?


It is not the responsibility of our custodian to store any additional equipment of the wedding service, nor is the church responsible for the safe keeping of such.  All non-church owned equipment and decorations must be cleared immediately.


Alcohol, Tobacco and Refreshments

There is to be no alcohol or tobacco in the building or on the property of New Hope Church.  Food and soft drinks are not allowed in the sanctuary.



Outside caterers are allowed, as is dancing in the gym.  If a DJ is used, that person must select music that is free of profanity.  Receptions must be over no later than 10 p.m.


Bird Seed

Bird seed may be thrown on the outside of the church.  Please do not use rice and make sure that the bird seed is not thrown inside the church.


Flower Petals

Real flower petals may not be used by flower attendant(s).  Silk petals can be used but you are responsible for picking them up.



Weddings are special and photos and video help us to remember just how special they are.  We welcome you to use both; however, it is important not to take away from the wedding with flashes and light-providing video cameras.  Please remember this when making your plans.   There should not be any flashes during the ceremony.  It is okay to use high speed film which requires no flash.


Videos may be filmed by a person from the back of the sanctuary or from the front with the video camera on a stand.  A person taping in front will be distracting to the wedding.


Posed flash photos may be taken after the wedding ceremony.



In all that you do, please be sure to protect the property of the church.  For example, be sure to use drip-less candles if candles are used during the ceremony.


Musical Instruments

It is our church’s policy that no one plays our organ or piano other than one of our own musicians unless prior approval has been given from our Director of Music Ministries.  Your selection of music, soloist and accompanist should be discussed with the accompanist at least four weeks prior to the wedding to ensure that individuals are available and the music requested can be found.


Remember that you are planning a church wedding and that the ceremony is a worship service.  Musical selections and the conduct of the wedding party should be appropriate for a church setting.


Premarital Meetings

The pastor is available to meet with you to help plan the details of your wedding service.  If you desire to meet with the pastor for premarital counseling sessions, that can be arranged at that time.  There is no fee for this service.