January 2019   
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Pastoral Partners


Pastoral Partners is a group of caring people who feel called by God to visit the sick, offer friendship to the lonely, comfort for those who grieve, and respond to those who need someone to listen to their concerns. 
Those who are on the list have participated in training to assist the pastoral staff in providing support and encouragement to members of New Hope Church
Pastoral partners will:
  • Become active empathetic listeners
  • Show true interest in people
  • Share the love of God
  • Keep scheduled visits or calls
  • Be faithful in prayer for others
  • Help others work through problems by listening
  • Visit people in the hospitals and nursing homes
  • Serve as on call support each week


If you have a need or would like to be a part please contact Dave and Donna Reynolds at ok_dave_41@yahoo.com.  

God Bless!