December 2017  
Today's Events


Prayer Team
10:00 AM
Bible Search
Wednesdays at New Hope


Wednesday Night -- Where Faith Meets Life starts with our evening meal at 5:30 pm. Our meals are served during the school year and we break during the summer.


The Children of Hope will have activities at 6:30 as well, so bring your family and enjoy the evening of food, fellowship and study. More information is available on their page.

 The Youth have classes at 6:30 as well. For more information you can visit their ministry page.

August 30th we will begin a study "The Intercessory Life" by Maxie D. Dunnam.  It is a 6 week study that will give practical ways to unleash the power of prayer in our everyday world.  It will be led by Rev. Cali Eck.  This is for those seeking to grow and mature in their faith journey.

October 4th we will begin the study "Freed up for Financial Living" It will be a 6 week study for anyone seeking to find ways to meet their life goals financially.  There is a registration form for this class so click Click Here to register.  This class will be led by Teresa Coffman.