April 2017  
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Prayer for Succesful Surgery & Recovery
Submitted by: Barbara Gayle
My right knee will be replaced Mar. 27 at Community Hospital.03-24-2017
Pray for healing
Submitted by: Jerry Tippett
Keith is in the hospital with a bacterial infection,severe dehydration, and poor kidney functioning. After some additional tests he most likely will have a feeding tube placed this week. We ask for prayers that the doctors can find what is causing these problems. His newly transplanted lung is working well at this time.07-05-2016
For healing for Keith Tippett
Submitted by: Jerry Tippett
Back in hospital after successful lung transplant 1 month ago. Kidney function poor. This evening waiting for blood transfusion after two iron infusions have been unsuccessful. He is becoming weak. This started as a clinic day in Tuesday and they admitted him. His organs continue to be stressed.06-19-2016


Pray for Molly
Submitted by: Peggy Morgan
My little sister had cancer when she was in high school years ago. They removed a hugh tumor and a few years later it returned just not as big. She hasn't had any issues in years. Recently she is starting to have tingling in her arm, fingers and feet. She is having an MRI on Wednesday, 8-10-16. Please pray that the cancer has not returned after all of this time. Please pray that this is just cause by a pinched nerve or something that is earlier taken care of.08-09-2016