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  March 2018  
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1. Use of the church vehicles and trailers for personal purposes is prohibited.  Use of church vehicles and trailers is restricted to groups affiliated with New Hope Church.

2. Drivers must have the appropriate state required class of license for the vehicle operated and be approved by the Church Administrator or Senior Pastor.

3. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. A vehicle use calendar is kept in the church office.  When possible, vehicle requests should be scheduled two weeks prior to the actual date of intended use.

4. Drivers must drive responsibly at all times and follow all traffic regulations, including the speed limit. Drivers may not answer, talk, or text on their cell phones while operating a church vehicle.  A driver may be dropped from the approved list because of an accident, ticket, or irresponsible behavior.

5. There must be 10 or more passengers for each trip in order to request the bus.  A list of riders needs to be placed in the church office prior to the trip.  This list must include an emergency contact for each rider.

6. Drivers must use the Usage/Maintenance Record form in the bus.  It is the driver's responsibility to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank.  If, the driver cannot refuel, then arrangements may be made with another registered driver to fill the tanks up after the trip. A gas credit card is available for use on church trips.

7. Upon returning the vehicle, please remove trash and belongings from interior, and vacuum if it is dirty.

8. Report any maintenance needs and/or accidents/damage immediately to the Church Administrator or a member of the Board of Trustees.  Return all key(s) to the church office. (For all traffic accidents – please contact the police and obtain a police report – these must be turned in to the Administrator).

9. At least one key is kept in a key box in the Administrator’s office.  Staff and/or members may not keep copies of the vehicle keys in their possession. All keys must be returned to the church office immediately upon return.

10. Young children must ride in child safety seats as required by state/federal regulations.  All passengers must be seated and in their seat belts at all times while vehicle is moving. There may not be more passengers in any vehicle than the number of seatbelts in the vehicle. If children and youth are being transported there must be at least one adult other than the driver to supervise them.

11. On long distance trips, there is a limit of 8 consecutive hours of driving time.  After 8 hours of driving, there must be a change of drivers or the group must stop and spend the night before continuing the trip.

 The ministries of our church have been enhanced by our bus.  Please help us keep our vehicle in good order and treat others who use it with courtesy and kindness.