Sunday School

Sunday School Opportunites

Sunday School Meeting Times

Sunday 9:45am

Adult Sunday School for those attending Contemporary Worship at 11am

College and Career: This is a class for those who have finishes high school.- Classroom #319

Friends and Believers: Casual class for mis-20s to late 40s.- Classroom #311

Joy: Age range from 40 up. Uses a quarterly as well as Bible study and open discussion. -Classroom #210

New Room Class: This class is for all ages of adults looking for Bible Study. -Classroom #212

Sunday 11:00am

Adult Sunday School for those attending Traditionla Worship at 9:45am

New Beginnings: It is using the quarterly and all ages are welcome. -Classroom #316

Lamplighters: Bible study and discussion group based on quarterly, for adults. -Classroom #208

Open Forum: Wide range of topics featured. Open to all ages. -Classroom #311

Seekers: Bible study class for mature seniors. -Classroom #209

Wesleyan: A group over 55 that uses quarterly as a study guide. -Classroom #211

Beyond the Box: A class for those who are mid-twenties to mid-thirties. -Classroom #319

AIM for Class: A class for those who are in the middle of life balancing family and career. -Classroom #322