New Hope Children's Day Out Policy Manual

New Hope CDO Policy Manual






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New Hope Children’s Day Out was started as a ministry of New Hope United Methodist Church by Donette Johnson in 2000 with 11 children and 3 adults.  The church is not reimbursed for the use of its facilities or utilities and NHCDO is non-profit.  This ministry exists because we love children and believe that each and every child is a precious gift of God.

The mission of NHCDO is to create a loving, safe, and enjoyable environment for your child while promoting Christian values and a love for learning. 

The NHCDO Board is comprised of church staff and members of the church who set policy and provide oversight to our excellent staff.  NHCDO staff members complete a background check each year and are trained in CPR, first aid, and the Safe Sanctuary requirements of New Hope United Methodist Church. 


and learning.




9 a.m.—2 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Drop-off is no earlier than 9 a.m. and pick-up begins at 1:45 p.m.

Please be here no later than 2:00 p.m.


NHCDO follows the Putnam City School District for bad weather days. An announcement will also be posted to the NHCDO Facebook page. A current NHCDO school schedule can be found attached to this handbook.




Tuition for 1 child: $20 per day

Tuition for 2 children: $35 per day

Tuition for 3 children: $55 per day

Tuition for non-enrolled drop-ins: $25 per day*

There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $25 per family due at the time of enrollment.

Statements are sent out at the end of the month and payment is due the first day your child attends of the following month. A late fee of $10 will be assessed after 2 weeks.  A fee will be added for a check returned because of insufficient funds. 

*The acceptance of drop-ins is dependent upon current enrollment. Currently enrolled families will be charged their normal day rate for any additional days they wish to add. Please see director if you are interested in drop-in days.

Additional Expenses

NHCDO does have occasional special parties and activities that may require a fee to cover costs.  These activities are optional.

Student Absences

Tuition is not reduced because of absences due to illness or vacation unless the child has an extended illness of 6 consecutive days.  Please provide a doctor’s note to the director for an adjustment for that month.


Your child may only be picked up by people that are listed on your child’s enrollment sheet.  If someone other than the parent comes to pick up your child, they must provide a state issued driver’s license or I.D.  If for some reason pick-up plans change, you must notify the Director via phone, e-mail, or text.


Playtime is fun!  Open play allows the children to interact with one another.  We play indoors in the gym and also utilize our outdoor playground when the weather allows.

Crafts are fun for everyone!  The children participate in age-appropriate crafts that facilitate learning and keep them busy and active. Typically the crafts will focus on the letter of the week.

Music is fun!  We love to listen to music, sing, and dance at NHCDO. 

Eating is essential!  You will need to provide a lunch for your child.  Lunches should not require refrigeration or heating and you must provide a cup or drink for your child’s lunch and snack, as well as utensils.  Parents are asked to provide snacks at the beginning of every session.  Please do not bring peanut butter, hard candy, raw eggs, or gum!  Some suggested snacks include: Cheez Its, Cheese Nips, Veggie Straws, Cheese Crackers, Animal Crackers, and Corn Puffs (i.e. Pirate Booty, Veggie Puffs).

If your child has a food allergy please make our staff aware of the allergy on the enrollment form.

Birthdays are special and you are allowed to provide a special snack to celebrate!

Rest time is important! All of our age groups rest. Our nursery children will nap in program-provided cribs. We also provide crib sheets that are washed after every child. Please send a blanket, lovie, stuffed animal, etc that will help provide comfort for your child. Our older children rest on mats. Older children are also welcome to bring a comfort item from home. Sleep is not required in our older children, but they will be resting daily.


For the general health and safety of the children and staff, please have your child stay home if he/she is ill.  Your child needs to stay at home if there is a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, sore throat, skin eruptions, constant cough, red or runny eyes, runny nose with colored mucus, or respiratory infection.  We want our children to share the fun, but not their germs!  Your child should be free of all described health symptoms for at least 24 hours before returning to NHCDO. 

If your child becomes sick at NHCDO, we will notify you and keep them comfortable until you arrive for pick up.

We do not administer medications.  Keep us informed of health issues, allergies, or asthma.

No NIT Policy! If we suspect head lice you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child.   A child must be nit free for 48 hours before returning to NHCDO.


Our staff is trained in CPR and First Aid.  New Hope United Methodist Church also has an AED Defibrillator on the premises and the staff has been trained to use it in case of dire emergency.  The building is secure and access to the building is monitored.  Please pick up your children by entering through the back gym door.  This allows us to carefully control who has access to your child.  The gym and nursery areas are under video surveillance at all times.

In case of severe weather we have two storm shelters located outside the NHCDO common area.  The children will participate in tornado/fire drills during the year.  A fire station is not far away and EMS has a quick response time to the church.


Labels: Please label all of your child’s belongings.  Except for comfort items for nap time, we request that personal belongings be left at home.

Clothing: Your child should be dressed in durable play clothes that are appropriate for the weather.  A change of clothing should be provided since accidents do happen.  We request that your child wear shoes that protect their toes.  Tennis shoes are fine but, please, no flip flops or crocs. 

Discipline: We strive to maintain an atmosphere that is loving and positive.  If a child’s behavior needs correction, this will be done without humiliating, frightening, or harming the child.  Discipline is based on the child’s level of understanding and seeks to teach the child acceptable behavior.  Sometimes a timeout or thinking time will be used and the guideline followed would be about 1 minute per year of age.  If the child continues to “act out” in a way that is unacceptable, disturbing, or harmful, then the parent will be contacted and asked to pick up the child.


You do not have to attend or belong to New Hope United Methodist Church to have your child in NHCDO, but we would love to have you worship with us on Sunday!  Our Traditional Worship is at 9:45 a.m. and our Celebration Worship is at 11 a.m.  We have all kinds of activities for children, youth, and young families!  Check out our webpage: for more information.