Our Vision


New Hope United Methodist Church seeks to be a community of faith, hope and love in Jesus the Christ where people can experience God's grace, acceptance and forgiveness and find that they too belong in the family of God.

We seek to be a community in Christ:

Where people grow in their Christian walk through the journey of discipleship. We will offer a wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth.  A strong group of Pastoral Partners will assist the congregation in caring for one another and encouraging one another on the journey of discipleship.

Where our Christian faith assists us in building healthy human relationships and we love each other as Christ loved us. Where broken lives and relationships are healed and given new beginnings. We hope to offer courses, retreats and guidance for the families of our church and for the families of the community around us.

We seek to be a missional church that reaches out to people in our community and around the world with the love of Jesus Christ.  We plan to participate in mission trips and projects, both at home and abroad.