January 2019   
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Rev. Cali Eck

   It is our goal at New Hope to make Disciples.  We offer various opportunities for you to grow in your relationship with Christ.  Our discipleship survey is available for you to take so that you can determine where you are in your journey and plug in to ministries that will help you along your path.  We will offer classes for you in every place along the path.  

To take the survey you need an account.  Everyone signs up individually for an account here: Click Here  It will ask for a conference code and here is ours: PEACEJOY

Once you have done this, you will be given a dropdown to choose district and church. Our District is Crossroads.

When you have registered your account then you click the button to log in and take the survey.

 Click Here Thank you for taking this journey with your New Hope family.  Let's grow together!

Are you striving to find out what God has gifted you for and ow you can use them for the kingdom?  Take the Spiritual Gifts survey Click Here