Director: Amy Aita




The mission of Little Blessings of New Hope Children's Day Out is to create a loving, safe, and enjoyable environment for your child while promoting Christian values and a love for learning. This ministry exists because we love children and believe that each and every child is a precious gift of God.


NHCDO usese weekly themes to shape our activities and learning time. We learn through pretend play, sensory time, and physical activity. Our classes also attend chapel time everyday where they learn the love of Jesus Christ through singing and dancing and a short lesson or bible story.


The NHCDO Board is comprised of church staff and members of the church who set policy and provide oversight to our excellent staff.  NHCDO staff members complete a background check each year and are trained in CPR, first aid, and the Safe Sanctuary requirements of New Hope United Methodist Church. 




  • Provide a learning and social environment for all children
  • Create safe and healthy surroundings that encourage play, exploration, and learning.
  • Promote physical development through fine and gross motor skill activities.
  • Help children develop communication skills, follow directions, care about one another, and share with one another.
  • Develop each child’s self-esteem and love of learning.
  • Teach basic Christian principles by example.





9 a.m.—2 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday*

Drop-off is no earlier than 9 a.m. and pick-up begins at 1:45 p.m.

Please be here no later than 2:00 p.m.

*Flexible enrollment options are available for all classes except Pre-K




Pre-K is taught by Patti Miller.

Let me introduce myself. Sometimes I am called Patti, but mostly I'm known as Mimi by my grandchildren and my many young friends at New Hope. I taught elementary and middle school for 25 years which was the fulfillment of a dream. If I had to choose which was my favorite subject I would say reading, reading, reading, math, social studies, and science. Because we had specials teachers, I didn't get to teach music (another one of my favorite things), art, or physical education. However, I did have opportunities to choreograph dance acts to the talent show. So much fun! :)  I am investigating ways to introduce STEM activities to my pre-K students this coming school year, because I see that as a big part of their futures. And also, it is so COOL! 


I have two adult children: Elizabeth who moved to Seattle where she happily pursues her career in travel marketing and Matt who will never leave Oklahoma because he wouldn't be able to take his church, family, and friends with him. He would, of course, take his brilliant and beautiful wife, Alyssa, and remarkable children Meryn (who just turned 6) and Finnley (3½) anywhere he went.  


My personal interests? I'm hooked on watching home remodeling and renovation shows on HGTV, though I personally lack those skills. Sigh. I enjoy reading mysteries and historical non-fiction. But that's when I'm not involved with Meryn and Finn's interests. Meryn was born with a book in her little hands and Finn has recently been able to sit still for some Mimi and Finn reading time. I am a long-time member of our church choir. It gives me so much joy to sing songs of worship each Sunday for our heavenly Father and the church family I love so much. 


I am thrilled to be spending the coming school year with your eager young pre-K students and with fellow teacher Joy Barnes. I will be incorporating early reading skills with letter recognition and initial sounds, counting, listening skills, fine motor skills, and oh so much more! I can hardly wait to get to know my wonderful young students! 





Tuition for 1 child: $20 per day

Tuition for 2 children: $35 per day

Tuition for 3 children: $55 per day


There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $25 per family due at the time of enrollment.

Statements are sent out at the end of the month and payment is due the first day your child attends of the following month.

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